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Change smoke detector batteries when changing clocks to Daylight Savings Time

Director of Commerce Doug White and State Fire Marshal Stephen Woltz are reminding Ohioans  to make a potentially lifesaving change when they move their clocks ahead for Daylight Savings Time: CHANGE THE BATTERIES IN YOUR SMOKE DETECTORS!

In conjunction with the annual public education program "Change your Clocks, Change your Batteries," the Ohio Department of Commerce's Division of State Fire Marshal and local fire departments across the state encourage Ohioans to make it a habit to change the batteries in their smoke detector at least twice a year - at the beginning and end of daylight savings time each year.

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New Rules for Grilling at Multi-Family Residences

As Ohioans prepare for barbecues over the holiday weekend and beyond, State Fire Marshal Stephen K. Woltz urges families across the state to take safety precautions when using their gas grills. In addition, citizens living in multi-family dwellings must follow new regulations regarding open-flame cooking devices presented in the 2005 Ohio Fire Code.

Under these new regulations, the operation of a charcoal burner, gas grill, or any other open-flame cooking device is prohibited on decks and balconies of multi-family structures larger than a duplex, unless they are protected with an automatic sprinkler system. In addition, these devices should hot be used anywhere within 10 feet of combustible construction, including nearby walls, overhangs, patio fences, railings, or the deck above your own deck or patio.

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Combining the abuse of alcohol and other drugs with smoking is a high risk mixture leading to a significant number of fires - related injuries and death in Ohio and the nation. Studies by the U. S. Fire Administration have shown that more than half of all alcohol- impaired fire deaths were the result of fire caused by careless smoking.

Most people are aware of the independent health risks for smoking and alcohol abuse, while few realize the great, and potentially deadly, fire risk when alcohol and smoking are combined,” says State Fire Marshall Stephen K. Woltz. “Careless smoking is the leading cause of fire deaths in Ohio.”

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:30 Fire ignites and grows rapidly

1:04 From the first flame, fire spreads and smoke begins to fill the room

1:35 Smoke layer descends rapidly; temperature exceeds 190oF

1:50 Smoke detector at foot of stairs sounds; Still time to get out

2:30 Temperature above couch over 400oF

2:48 Smoke pours into other rooms

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FOLLOWING IS a list of safety tips from the Catawba Island Fire Department in conjunction with the State Fire Marshal’s office to HELP make sure that you have a safe winter.

With the increased cost of fuel residents may be looking for alternative heating methods to help offset some of those bills. These reminders will help you focus on fire safety for the winter season.

Make sure you have a carbon monoxide detector in the home along with operating smoke detectors located on all floors. Carbon monoxide is a colorless, odorless, potentially deadly gas produced by fuel burning equipment, such as furnaces, kerosene heaters or generators call the fire department should the alarm go off.

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