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All members of the CIVFD are also members of the Firemen's Association. Our business meetings generally transpire on the first Monday of each month at 7PM. The objective of the Association is to support the fire department and its members for the protection of life and property on Catawba Island Township. The officers and chairmen are as follows:

President: Eric Schramm

Vice-President: Will Moore

Secretary: Briana Busby

Treasurer: Bob Christiansen

Sergeant at Arms: Steve Busby

Executive Board: Eric Schramm - Chair

Finance Committee: Kevin Wylie - Chair

Ways and Means Committee: Karl Busby - Chair

Entertainment Committee: Louie Wargo - Chair

Clothing and Equipment Committee: Steve Busby - Chair

House and Buildings Committee: Dan Barlow - Chair

Publicity and Signs Committee: Louie Wargo - Chair

Refreshments Committee: Bob Christiansen - Chair

Dependent Fund Committee: Jeff Kennedy - Chair

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CIVFD Latest Members

David Angyl: Probationary Firefighter
Zach Baugh: Probationary Firefighter
Dan Blakley: Probationary Firefighter
Genna Blakley: Probationary Firefighter/EMT
Jordan Davenport: Probationary Firefighter/Training Officer
Salvatore Martel: Probationary Firefighter
Austin Rospert: Probationary Firefighter

Eryn Binder: Firefighter
Mike McMaken: Firefighter
Brian Washburn: Firefighter/EMT

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