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Total # of Members: 29

Firefighters: 29

EMTs: 12

Engineers: 8

Rescue Divers: 4


2014 CIVFD Run Report

Structure Fires: 8

Fire (Other): 5

Overpressure Rupture, Explosion, Overheat - No Fire: 0

Rescue and Emergency Medical Service Incidents: 296

Hazardous Condition - No Fire: 3

Service Call: 55

Good Intent Call: 20

False Alarm or False Call: 42

Severe Weather or Natural Disaster: 0

Special Type of Incident: 0

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CIVFD Latest Members

David Angyl: Probationary Firefighter
Zach Baugh: Probationary Firefighter
Dan Blakley: Probationary Firefighter
Genna Blakley: Probationary Firefighter/EMT
Jordan Davenport: Probationary Firefighter/Training Officer
Salvatore Martel: Probationary Firefighter
Austin Rospert: Probationary Firefighter

Eryn Binder: Firefighter
Mike McMaken: Firefighter
Brian Washburn: Firefighter/EMT

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